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“Music isn't just heard - it is felt."

Experience Elegance

The Mood Matters.

What your patrons hear is just as important as what they see. Create the perfect aural aesthetic for your event or environment through affordable live music tailored to your needs. 


Piano at Naratives of Pain Show


Narratives of Pain

House Pianist

As House Pianist, Aambiance Music sets the tone for each Narratives show by welcoming storytellers to the stage with warm, inviting vibes. 

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Lu Fuki &
Divine Providence

Featured Pianist

Accompanying on the songs "Sunsets" and "Butterflies", Aambiance Music lent a unique twist on the keys to this  Detroit based Afro-Spirit Jazz Band.

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Lu Fuki and Divine Providence in Studio

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"Aamina has an ear not only for music, but also for mood. I have worked with her since 2015, and she has always been able to mirror and honor the sincerity of the storytellers at the Narratives showcases. Aamina is one of the few people I know that understands the nuances of 'the right moment' when she plays."

Hear it for yourself

—  Zain Shamoon, Co-Founder
Narratives of Pain

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