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“Music isn't just heard - it is felt."


Experience Elegance

The Mood Matters.

Aambiance Music is dedicated to creating the perfect ambiance for your event! Choose a customized set list for any occasion and create the perfect sound backdrop for your event. Affordable live piano music tailored to your needs!


Piano at Naratives of Pain Show


Narratives of Pain
House Pianist

As House Pianist, Aambiance Music sets the tone for each Narratives show by welcoming storytellers to the stage with warm, inviting vibes. 


Lu Fuki &
Divine Providence

Featured Pianist

Accompanying on the songs "Sunsets" and "Butterflies", Aambiance Music lent a unique twist on the keys to this  Detroit based Afro-Spirit Jazz Band.

Lu Fuki and Divine Providence in Studio

Weddings & Banquets


Art Shows & Concerts


Collabs & Projects


"I've had the pleasure of working with Aamina for the last 2 years. Her ability to drive and inspire musicians around her cannot be overlooked. Her ability to detail and inspiration is truly something to admire. We've played a number of shows together and I have always found that her "voice" on the keys is just as effortlessly enlightening as her voice."


—  Lu Fuki, Band Leader
Lu Fuki and Divine Providence

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